Feel the Rhythm with Jacques Greene’s “Quicksand”

On Wednesday, I was subjected to a life-changing event. With visuals leaning as high as the Sistine Chapel, and as much ambience than you can shake a stick at, Jacques Greene really fought hard to bring in a revolutionary crowd in London.

Village Underground has always had a reputation behind its doors of being a fantastic musical space, with its handy location in Shoreditch and fantastic lighting being some of it’s biggest positives. This made for one of the best live shows I had seen in months.

Amongst the music he played from his new album, he didn’t stray far from his new material. He only indulged in a few edits that he just released through the LuckyMe newsletter, but he played one track that stuck with me.

Quicksand is an odd one really, but it grows on you after every play. Hasteful 909s and a synth that rockets through the rest of the track like a quiet mouse, make up this simple tune – but it outshines most music released from the 2013 era. It’s a one of a kind track that brings up happy memories.

You can stream Jacques Greene’s Quicksand here.

Jacques Greene



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