Fastback Releases Smooth Jam, “Vienes”

So, fall is officially in full swing and a ton of talented artists have released new music. But, one musical gem went undiscovered – that is Fastback’s smooth single, Vienes. Think you’re ready for this?

Now, the enigmatic French DJ/producer is well-known to regular listeners at The French Shuffle. In the past, we have covered his hit tracks, including OxynOdyssey and Dissection, and today is really no different.

Fastback’s Vienes is a feel-good, lighthearted disco-pop jam, filled to the brim with electro-funk accents, resampled bits, summertime energy and lots of love. The expertly crafted song both lives and breathes nostalgic vibes, leaving listeners in somewhat of a dream-like state. And, to be completely honest, it’s one of our new favorites.

Stream Vienes now, download it here and show your support for Fastback. Track available via Fastback’s Bandcamp.




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