Now Playing: Husky – Weird Taste

By now, you’ve probably heard of German DJ/producer, Husky. Thus far, he has dazzled us with waves of electro in singles, such as Public Enemy and Love Games, and today, he revives that very same sound in hit track, Weird Taste.

But, what’s really cool about this electro epic is Husky’s ability to craft oddly dance-able, mangled melodies. Seriously, from distorted leads and sinister pianos to crunchy kits and vocal cuts, the German musician keeps listeners engaged from beginning to end.

With many French electro greats shifting their sounds to other genres, we can safely say that Husky easily fills the void with his crushed-to-bits style. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Stream Husky’s Weird Taste now and download it here. Available for download via Husky’s Bandcamp.




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