Jam Out to Fiery Song, “Acid Disco Homegirls”

A little more than one year ago, NYC native, The Hair Kid, delivered high-intensity fiery single, Acid Disco Homegirls. Today, we revisit the track that made the musician with long golden locks ever-so famous.

Now, when you first tune into the nearly 5-minute track, you don’t really know what to expect. The slick song blends chopped vocals and milky synths with elegant string cuts and crafty kits, fusing many genres in the process.

IsĀ Acid Disco Homegirls nu disco? Perhaps, french house or breaks? Short answer – it’s all of them and much more. The intermingling of so many sounds and styles is exactly what makes The Hair Kid so unique, and you really can’t get that from many other artists on the scene.

So, in short, don’t waste any more time. StreamĀ Acid Disco Homegirls now and download it here. Out now via Oh Hai Records.

The Hair Kid



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