Pride Mystifies with Smoking Single, “Mage”

Prepare yourself for a fusion of mechanical synths, slamming bass lines, grotesque leads, banging drums and much more. Pride’s smoking single, Mage, is here and you’ll be nothing less than impressed.

What begins with factory-sounding artifacts and robotic noises quickly transforms into a potent electro melody. It’s as if Pride pulled together metallic samples from industrial sites and creatively reshaped them in the most musical of ways.

Really, the 3-minute hit, Mage, brings Pride’s rugged sound design and experimental ingenuity side by side, making for the perfect frenzy of French electro. If you’re into producers, like J.A.C.K or Q.G., then we bet you’ll dig this one.

Stream Mage now and send some love to the masterful Frenchman. Available as a free download via Pride’s Soundcloud.




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