Review: Snakehips @ Electric Brixton

The 8th of September was like any other day in London. Drizzling rain, miserable weather – you name it.

Luckily for us, however, we managed to land ourselves on the guestlist for Snakehips’ latest gig. From what we could tell, the event was a re-run from the last event that got cancelled over at the O2 Forum Kentish Town.

We really want to talk about the support acts first, specifically – MXXWLL. Now, we didn’t even know that MXXWLL existed until we saw him live. Nevertheless, he’s an insanely talented artist. If groovy tunes and funky beats are your sort of thing, then he’s almost certainly your guy. He even broke out a guitar midway through the set and started to play riffs from some of his tunes.

The second support act, was Trippy Turtle.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Trippy Turtle is actually another alias of Norwegian artist, Lido?

We didn’t know either. So essentially, we saw Lido play a weird hybrid set of Jersey Club tunes and trap. Also, he was wearing a turtle onesie. If that isn’t dedication, then we don’t know what is.

Getting back on track now, Snakehips played to a packed out crowd and I managed to get myself sandwiched in-between the front and the middle of the pack. The venue itself is pretty small, we have to admit. Electric Brixton has played host to a variety of acts before, with the likes of Bicep and other musicians playing concerts there very soon.

The duo played an amalgamation of tunes, ranging from their own, to some club bangers, that you may or may not know. In fact, funnily enough, we managed to spot someone Shazam-ing the live set, halfway through.

Anyway, they brought out two guests on stage, which included the likes of Anne-Marie and Malika, who both provided some fantastic vocals to the budding atmosphere inside the venue.

You know, it was nice to see them bring out some special guests, as some other sets we’ve seen have just been the artist by themselves.

It was late and we finally squeezed out of the building after the curfew, after being squashed by about 700 different people who wanted to get out and guess what? It was still raining. 

Thanks to the folks over at Snakehips’ management for putting us on the guestlist for the event, you put on a great show!




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