An Unreleased Track from Pierre De La Touche

The year was 2005. SebastiAn must’ve just released distorted electro single, Smoking Kills, and “bloghaus” was very much so in its prime. Little did we know, French DJ/producer, Pierre De La Touche, was in the studio, crafting his filter house hit, Sexy Lady.

Unfortunately, the tek-funk track would go unnoticed for more than a decade, with the Frenchman failing to release it to the general public. Today, however, we finally have the chance to listen to the unreleased song.

Filled with soulful samples, bouncing drum sequences and thick harmonies, the three-minute tune lives and breathes stereotypical French house energy. It’s jam-packed with the disco vibes we’ve grown to love and we can only hope for more from the skilled musician.

Stream Pierre De La Touche’s Sexy Lady and show your support for the French talent.




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