The Phantom’s Revenge’s “Commercial Breaks” EP

If you’ve been a fan of The Phantom’s Revenge for quite some time, you’ll notice that he released a boat-load of free tracks under the moniker, Commercial Breaks. Just recently, he decided to create an entire EP around this concept, delving into different themes and styles of music. We’re very happy to say that this is probably one of the Phantom’s strongest releases yet.

The EP starts with #4, a triumphant return to form with stellar musical sampling and a street-based appeal. #5 on the other hand, resurrects a fantastic nostalgia wave, only known as “disco”. The funk is definitely strong with this one.

#6 is in our top 3 favourite tracks, which was recently compiled into a retro pizza-bonanza of advertisements. You can check that out on TPR’s Facebook. #7 follows a smoother output, paying homage to the hay days of Chicago House and pure/refined 12″ wax.

Would it be wrong if we said that #8 wasn’t our favourite? There’s just something so magnificent about this beat. It’s probably the sample chopping. Actually, it’s absolutely the sample chopping. Can’t go wrong really.

#9 and #11 are some heartfelt ballads, with the earlier mentioned tugging at our heart-strings real hard. Some great use of sample manipulation in this track as well too.

#10 is the odd one out on this EP, using snippets of Raekwon’s Criminology to a substantial success. We all know that old-school rap is the best.

Last but not least, #12 delves into the Footwork genre, seen similarly in his MSTRKRFT remix that was released not too long ago last year. It takes a while to build up to the climax, but it’s worth it all the more, to hear the insane way that Phantom has put this song together.

The Phantom’s Revenge



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