PWNDTIAC Goes Disco in “Full Throttle” Remix

Bright leads. Fresh mechanics. Intoxicating rhythms. Sexy vocals. Believe it or not – that’s exactly what you can expect to hear in PWNDTIAC’s newest remix of Muneshine’s Full Throttle.

Now, if you haven’t heard of PWNDTIAC, you’ve certainly been missing out. The German act has dazzled us many times before, with delightful remixes of TJH87 and Moonbootica. And, let’s not forget lovely single, Bring It On.

His latest work, however, takes his remix prowess up a notch, shifting Muneshine’s electro-pop jumble right into the nu disco arena. Characterized by cool, calm and collected synths, rousing bass lines and spirited lyrics, Full Throttle (PWNDTIAC Remix) should be in every modern DJ’s music arsenal.

And, for any casual music listeners out there, the new release fits perfectly on late night party playlists alike. That being said, don’t waste any more time – check out PWNDTIAC’s Full Throttle remix now and download it here. Out now via Haven Sounds.