Have You Heard This Remix of Mr. Oizo’s Secam?

When we first saw that Mr. Oizo’s Secam had been remixed, we didn’t really know what to think. Who knew it was even possible to make Mr. Oizo sound more like…well, Mr. Oizo? Luckily, Lineaddict came through with his twisted and mangled rendition of the track.

Originally a byproduct of a r/EdBangerRecords competition, this Secam remix brings the Ed Banger classic up to speed with high-powered synth cuts, phased artifacts, thumping drum kits and much more. Really, it carries Mr. Oizo’s authentic sound, while still being unique all in itself.

Check out Lineaddict’s Secam remix and be sure to follow r/EdBangerRecords on Reddit.



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