Pride’s “Candy Sugar Rush” Remix Is Red-Hot

This past June, Pride returned to the music scene with electro-funk hit, Synthrap. Fortunately, the majestic Frenchman is back at it again, delivering a stellar remix of Slow Knights’s single, Candy Sugar Rush.

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Slow Knights, the US-based group is known for their eclectic beats, soulful rhythms and funky vibes. We first came across the electronic-dance act in 2012, shortly after the release of debut album, Cosmos – ever since then, we couldn’t stop listening.

But, what happens when Pride redecorates Slow Knights’s unique sound and flavor? Well, you get a disco-charged medley, filled with soul-pop lyrics, funky clavichords and electric pianos. It’s safe to say that the musical blend experienced from Pride and Slow Knights is as close to melodic bliss as possible.

Stream Candy Sugar Rush (Pride Remix) now and be sure to grab a free download of the remix via Soundcloud.