Justice’s “Alakazam !” Sampled Kendrick Lamar?

Reddit user u/nickMAD55, from r/JusticeMusic, has stumbled across something quite extraordinary. If you listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Complexion (A Zulu Love) around 10 seconds in, you get to hear a prominent sample used in Justice’s Alakazam !

The original poster, also went as far as to link a layered snippet, proving that the sample was indeed legit.

This opens up a lot of questions for us. How many other samples are there, waiting to be found on Justice’s latest album? Just recently, after 20 years, a similar incident occurred when a Reddit user discovered the main sample to Daft Punk’s Fresh. Not long after that, the small snippet would actually be found to be used in Teachers as well.

If we manage to stumble across anything new, we’ll let you know!




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