5 Female Synth-Pop Artists You Should Know

Shoutout to all of the female synth-pop artists out there who are holding it down in the music scene! From Charli XCX and her avant-garde lyrics to Ronika and her 80s-charged singles, these musical women are nothing but impressive. Tune in below as we highlight some of our favorite female synth-pop artists to date, along with several of their high-profile releases.

Charli XCX

What You Should Listen To: Mr. Oizo – Hand In The Fire (ft. Charli XCX)

Why You Should Listen: Were you surprised to see Charli XCX make this list? We weren’t. While most music listeners know of her because of singles, Boom Clap and Nuclear Seasons, we want to highlight her works with electronic music talents, Mr. Oizo and Alex Metric. Pop meets experimental French electronica and electro house? So good.

What You Should Listen To: MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Darius Remix)

Why You Should Listen: So, maybe this is a two-fold acknowledgement (because Darius’s remix is so good). Regardless, Danish artist, MØ, burst onto the scene in 2006, with several musical side projects in the running. It wasn’t until 2013, however, that things really started to pick up.

After a feature on Avicii’s album, support from AlunaGeorge, and the release of her debut album, MØ’s name was making the rounds. And now, we know why.


What You Should Listen To: Ronika – Distraction

Why You Should Listen: There’s something really special about English singer-songwriter, Ronika. Taking inspiration from 80s disco and and funk scenes, the Nottingham native tends to fuse retro-futuristic sounds and vintage noises with her crisp vocals and production. The result? Perfection.


What You Should Listen To: Uffie – MCs Can Kiss

Why You Should Listen: Anna-Catherine Hartley, better known as Uffie, has been a lyrical staple in the music scene since she first featured on Feadz’s release, Pop the Glock. She consistently delivers this unique flavor of soul-pop and punk in her vocal treatments, and we love it. Trust us – you’ll love it too.


What You Should Listen To: Yelle – À Cause Des Garçons (TEPR Remix)

Why You Should Listen: Well, for starters, TEPR’s remix of À Cause Des Garçons is the reason why we discovered Yelle. From there, it was history.

Since the track debuted in 2007, it immediately gained notoriety, climbing the ranks in Belgium, France and Switzerland, and even charted on Eurochart’s Hot 100. But, why did it do so well? Well, other than the sensationalized tecktonik dance that made the rounds on Youtube, TEPR’s remix was simply brilliant.


Other notable female synth-pop artists include Little Boots, Robyn, Ladyhawke and Lorde. For more synth-pop music, be sure to check out our Electro-Pop category on The French Shuffle.

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