Relive the Disco-Funk Era with “360 Boogie”

So, a few hours ago, we came across self-titled “concept artist and animator,” LemKuuja. After hours of surfing through old disco rinses, funk medleys and French house lifts, we finally arrived at 360 Boogie – the Jordan-based musician’s four-minute groove wonder.

Any 95 Royale, Beerlover, or Ziggy Phunk fans out there? You’re in for a treat.

Fusing together bits and pieces of soul-pop and psychedelic blues, the Amman native dishes out a slick wave of free-flowing sounds and funk trinkets. It’s almost as if LemKuuja ushered 70s and 80s disco right into the new age, hypnotizing with vocal cuts, shimmering guitars, flavorful horn sections and much more.

Tune into 360 Boogie now and download it here. Available as a free download via Business Casual.