Get Pumped Up with Moe Shop’s “Blush” Remix

Alright, Moe Shop – you’ve done it again. When we saw that you posted a new remix of Fusq’s Blush, we didn’t know exactly what to expect. But, in stellar fashion, you’ve impressed once more.

Energetic leads? Check. Smooth synths? Check. Tek-funk spirit? Check. In precisely three minutes, Moe Shop takes listeners on a wild sound ride, transforming Fusq’s instrumentals and MYLK’s lyrical treatment into a French house hit.

The remix is certainly lighter and a bit more brighter than that of the original, and it holds its own with a unique blend of Moe Shop’s self-described “anime grooves.” Another masterpiece? We think so.

Check out Blush (Moe Shop Remix) now and grab a free download of the track today.




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