This Klyne Single is a “Sure Thing”

“The hour is getting late. And, it was worth the wait,” sings Dutch electro-pop act, Klyne. “I know it might be a little bit new. But, have you ever thought of the things you could do?” These are the intro lyrics to one of Klyne’s latest singles, Sure Thing.

And, to be perfectly honest, the opening vocals perfectly convey our thoughts on the track.

Really, Klyne’s Sure Thing is a late night dance jam, filled with sprinkles of soul, ambient accents and vintage vibes. It’s a hybrid of sorts, blending together dreamy sounds with crisp textures and psychedelic artifacts, and we love it.

Featuring on the group’s debut album, the (relatively) new track continues to lead the charge in the electro-pop arena, building on Klyne’s authentic sound and style. What impresses us most, however, is the emotional appeal of Sure Thing. It’s simply delightful.

Stream Klyne’s Sure Thing now and download it here. Out now via Because Music.




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