“Money” Is the Supreme Retro-Electro Fantasy

You read the title right. Starcadian’s retro-electro single, Money, is one of the best tracks we’ve heard since SebastiAn unveiled his remix of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Shining Star. Seriously, where else can you find this powerful mixture of 80s synths, vocoded lyrics, new wave elements, and driving bass lines?

Well, maybe you can head over to labels, such as Future 80s, Ed Banger, Yunizon, or Ekler’o’shock, but Starcadian’s Money is still pretty impressive. And, even though it has been out for nearly three years, it hasn’t gotten old yet.

To be frank, we weren’t sure what to expect with this three-minute release. Would it be another funk-driven medley, like Starcadian’s Happy remix? Or perhaps, a lighter nu disco hit, like Starcadian’s Without You remix? The answer: neither.

Money is the quintessential slow-electro jam. It embraces some of the more spatial energy that we’ve seen from the Brooklyn-based artist’s previous releases, while still grabbing our attention with glowing sounds and shimmering noises.

Tune into Money now and download it via Starcadian’s Bandcamp.




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