Out Now: Anoraak – Last Call

How long has it been since French DJ/producer, Anoraak, last featured on The French Shuffle? Roughly one year, when the Frenchman collaborated with synth-pop duo, Loframes. Well, it was definitely worth the wait – the talented Frenchmen just released disco-electro single, Last Call, off of his Black Gold Sun EP and it’ll surely blow your mind.

To be honest, Blende, Surrender, and Douze fans will get a kick out of this one. Anoraak’s Last Call fuses together bits of nu disco, retro-electro, and synth-pop, making for one of the most electric singles of the summer. At first, the track seems very simple and almost formulaic. But, as it progress, Anoraak drives home with an influx of airy leads and chic chord progressions.

One thing that’s missing is a stellar vocal track. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear someone, like Mehdi Pinson, Kah-Lo or KLP, feature? Regardless, the instrumental certainly stands on its own.

If you thought Blende’s Back to Summertime was great, then prepare yourself. Anoraak’s Last Call will keep you bumping all day and night.

Stream Last Call now and download it here. Out now via recording label, Endless Summer.