Siriusmo Announces Album, Gives Sneak Peek

Berlin-based DJ/producer, Moritz Friedrich also known as Siriusmo, has some big news. Just earlier this month, the German artist took to Facebook, announcing that his next album, Comic, would be publicly available this September.

That’s not all, though. Along with the good tidings, Siriusmo gave fans a sneak peek of what’s to come in his third LP, dishing out a 30-second preview of his new music. Tune in below:

Not bad, right? The skilled producer sticks to his authentic sound, delivering a cosmic wave of delicate synth leads, casual melodies, and well-crafted backdrops. And, that’s all in 30 seconds.

While we all wait for the Comic album to hit our ears, Siriusmo’s Les Femmes remix should satisfy all of your musical needs. Tune in now and send some love to Siriusmo.




4 thoughts on “Siriusmo Announces Album, Gives Sneak Peek

  1. Thank you for the news!
    Just for your info, this remix of Les Femmes is NOT a Siriusmo remix.
    If you don’t trust me please look at this interview (in French):—Sculpteur-de-l_Amour

    “Tu as produit des chansons pour Yelle. Que penses-tu de sa musique ?
    Je n’ai jamais rien produit spécifiquement pour Yelle. Je leur ai juste donné trois idées après que j’ai rencontré Jef de Yelle à Berlin. Mais ils ont produit et fini leurs chansons par eux-mêmes.”

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