Stream Now: Justice – Woman (Remix LP)

Reddit fanboys and fangirls, unite. Our lovely friends at r/EdBangerRecords recently hosted their third remix contest, inviting producers to ply their trade and remix Justice’s Woman LP, and the results were amazing.

20 producers turned out remixes for the long-awaited competition, taking on every Justice single from the 2017 release. Moreover, artists covered everything from french house and french electro to vintage breakbeat and electronica in their stellar reworks.

Below, find our favorite three remixes from the highly anticipated competition:

Pleasure (Kjepski Edit)

There’s just something so crisp and clean about Kjepski’s Pleasure edit. It’s got all of the same funky goodness as the original, yet it captures a whole new level of ingenuity with brilliant microsamples and swift chops. Well done, Kjepski. Well done indeed.

Heavy Metal (Lysk Remix)

We’re huge fans of Lysk’s take on Justice’s classically-inspired single, Heavy Metal. What’s most notable is the blend of strength, intensity, and continuous escalation that the French producer creates.

And, to be completely honest, we prefer Lysk’s version over the original.

Safe And Sound (Datguy Remix)

And finally, we have Datguy’s Safe And Sound remix. Before r/EdBangerRecords’s competition, we never heard of Datguy. But, you can be sure that he’ll be on our radar moving forward.

In terms of production, structure and technique, Datguy’s Safe And Sound remix was probably the most well put together. Great direction, smooth leads, creative bass cuts and crafty kits – what else could you ask for? Honorable mentions go to Loze and Apeidon.

Check out the entire remix LP here and be sure to follow r/EdBangerRecords on Reddit.