7 Synthwave Artists to Soothe the Soul

Video-game synths, 80s film soundtracks, electric leads, and retro-futuristic soundscapes? There’s no denying it – synthwave artists will always have a place in our heart.

That’s why we’ve crafted this hand-picked selection of some of our favorite synthwave producers to date. From the galactic sounds of Com Truise to the pumping noises of Waveshaper, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.


Com Truise

What You Should Listen To: Maroon 5 – One More Night (Com Truise Remix)

Why You Should Listen: Being that Maroon 5 is known for their fusion of pop-rock artifacts and Adam Levine’s soul-pop vocals, Com Truise’s take on the single is out of this world. Really, the New York native breathes new life into the original, laying down cosmic sound waves and space funk in the smoothest of ways. No wonder Com Truise described himself as “melting circuits since 1985.”



What You Should Listen To: Gunship – Tech Noir

Why You Should Listen: This is your classic, soundtrack-driven release. Lengthy intro to set the mood? Check. Vocal aesthetics to build the anticipation? Check. Cheesy 80s movie to support the plot line? Check.

Regardless of the above, Gunship’s Tech Noir is a traditional synthwave song that should keep any 80s movie buff on the edge of their seat.

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Irving Force

What You Should Listen To: Irving Force – Crime Scanner

Why You Should Listen: If you’re looking for synthwave with darker energy and sound, look no further. Irving Force’s Crime Scanner is the best place to start.

It’s got all of those retro-synth leads that we’ve come to love, along with a blazing hot bass line to keep you in tune. Check it out now!

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What You Should Listen To: Pylot – Flashbacks

Why You Should Listen: What differentiates Pylot’s music from other producer’s releases is that he doesn’t need an 80s film to tell his story. His music does the justice all alone. Just listen to ShadowtaskA Race Against Time, or Blurred Vision. Time and time again, Pylot delivers. And, Flashbacks is no different.

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Robert Parker

What You Should Listen To: Robert Parker – Power

Why You Should Listen: Robert Parker’s Power is really something. Though it embodies all of the classic sounds you can expect from a modern-day synthwave artist, the sweet single also introduces brawny rock leads and guitar accents, which are second to none. Think 80s rock meets retro-electro. That’s right – the results are amazing.

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Tesla Boy

What You Should Listen To: Tesla Boy  – Say My Name

Why You Should Listen: So, we first heard of Tesla Boy in late 2014. The Russian act popped up on our radar when Keyboard & Synths was making its rounds all over the world and we’ve been fans since then.

Fast forward to 2016 – Tesla Boy strikes again, releasing new EP, Moses. Our favorite song on the 5-track extended play? It was none other than atmospheric anthem, Say My Name.

The 5-minute track manages to create this oddly good blend of what we’d coin as retro-future blues, intermingling spatial synths and guitar licks with serene neo-funk vocals. Watch out Neon Indian, Tesla Boy is coming for you.

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What You Should Listen To: Waveshaper – Mega Fighter

Why You Should Listen: And last, but certainly not least, we have Waveshaper and his single, Mega Fighter, to top off our list of synthwave artists to soothe the soul. The Swedish talent is definitely not a stranger to us at The French Shuffle, with this being his 20th feature onsite and you’ll soon see why.

Released just one month ago, Mega Fighter is Waveshaper’s latest and greatest creation, fusing together inspiration from retrowave, nu disco, and electro genres. In less than five minutes, the producer dazzles listeners with wicked chord progressions, transformative sound design, brisk builds, and much more.

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Other notable synthwave artists on our radar include Dance With The Dead, Miami Nights 1984, SUNG, and Garth Knight. For more synthwave, check out our Synthwave category on The French Shuffle.