Have You Heard This Remix of Justice?

It was 2011. Justice had finally released their sophomore album, Audio, Video, Disco, and were prepping for yet another tour. At the time of release, the French act faced a ton of criticism because they didn’t sound like their former selves, yet they pushed on, leading with singles, AVDCivilizationNew Lands, and several others.

However, many critics failed to realize the impact of the LP and were quick to judge the Ed Banger artists. While the release gave Justice an opportunity to stay true to their musical direction, the lack of distorted leads and mangled-to-bits basslines ultimately spawned creativity amongst producers all over the world. One duo in specific – Virgin Cavalier – comes to mind.

In a little more than four minutes, the pair of Columbian producers bring Justice’s Civilization to a whole new level, unchaining a wall of bone-crushing noises and twisted artifacts. Really, Virgin Cavalier completely transforms the Ed Banger group’s song into what many thought the full LP would resemble – a complex selection of warped synths, resampled goodness, and iconic vocals. And, to be fair, Virgin Cavalier delivered just that.

Tune into Civilization (Virgin Cavalier Remix) now and download it here.

Virgin Cavalier



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