Bicep Gets ‘Spacey’ with “Aura”

Have you heard Bicep’s remix of Gotta Let You Go by Dominica? If you’re unfamiliar with British festivals and the broad term, only known as “the sesh,” you may have missed out on this belter.

Staying on topic, Bicep announced an absolute truck-load of live dates, to go with their self-titled album. Alongside the announcement of the new album and tour dates, they released Aura – a wacky and eventful musical number, providing the most sombre, yet brilliant buildup of all time.

It’s the Belfast-based bloggers-turned musicians, that keep on pulling it out of the hat. We love the fact that they’re on every festival lineup known to man. Bicep’s new album, released via Ninja Tune, is due for a release on September 1st, 2017.

StreamĀ Aura now and download it here.

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