Moe Shop Unveils Electro-Funk Jam, “Natural”

“I’m feeling something, it could be natural. Even when we are apart, simple as cupid, I couldn’t let you go,” sings Chicago-based rapper, Ace Hashimoto, in Moe Shop’s electro-funk single, Natural. What’s interesting is that we can’t let go of this song either – it’s all sorts of excellent.

Releasing a wave a collected energy and disco-pop vibrations, the three-minute single smoothly delivers, with hints of French electro and new jack swing to follow. The intermingling of Moe Shop’s production with Ace Hashimoto’s lyrics is second to none and we can only hope for more.

Is electro-hop making a comeback? We think so. Stream Moe Shop’s Natural now and download it here.

Moe Shop