Montaime Release Their First Compilation Album

Back in August 2016, we spoke to the legendary producer and one of a kind talent, FIBRE, about all things music. He explained in this segment, that he wanted to veer away from the Future Funk sound that everyone knew him for, to focus on creating French Electro music. Also in this interview, he revealed that he would be expanding towards a new record label, called Montaime, which he said was still a ‘work in progress’ and he had no idea who he would place on this label.

It’s nearly a year later on and FIBRE has finally released the first compilation album, from his new label.

Appearances from the likes of industry greats such as android52, BAZZ and TENDENCIES, present familiar surroundings for anyone who is a fan of the fresh and delightful sounds that Montaime has come out with. We couldn’t forget some of the smaller artists, that include some of their finest works either, with the likes of SDR, Isaac Galvez and Unibe@t, to name a few.

I think it’s about time we speak about the music inside the compilation, shall we?

The compilation starts with an entrancing track by British producer, SDR and his latest single, Want You Here. We’re feeling a particular Jamiroquai vibe from this track – maybe it’s the vocals? Who knows!

Isaac Galvez then brings his A game with a hypnotic track, titled Aquarius. It’s 6 minutes of pure Funkadelic heaven! Before you can blink, FIBRE launches into the mix with his track, Overture. Surprisingly, this isn’t the last you’ll see of FIBRE, as he has a collaboration with VANTAGE on the album, further down the line. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

Our good friend, Unibe@t, has a tremendous new song on the compilation, channeling his inner ‘French Touch’ and delivering a sweet and savoury treat for anyone to snack on. It’s ev.exi’s song that really blows us away, however, bringing back that sweet French House bass sound, that was so prominent on records by Patrick Alavi, Fred Falke and more. We live for sounds like these and think that ev.exi is someone to keep your eye on in the future!

Oh hey, it’s more FIBRE! This time, as we said not too long ago in this article, he teamed up with VANTAGE to bring a superb new electro track, called Celestial. Kudatah‘s finest, TENDENCIES, also develops a cunning new track alongside a sleek and upbeat fiasco of musical virtue, by PROUX.

The last three tracks on the album, belong to android52, nukumachi and Japanese producer, BAZZ. The first song is usual territory for android52. If you’ve listened to a lot of his music, then you’ll be in the right state of mind for his newest frontier, titled eclipse. nukumachi also comes through with a track, after we covered his all-round banger and party stomper, Birthday. Lastly, we reach out to BAZZ’s avant-garde styled track, defending a very suitable underground theme, for the end of this fantastic compilation.

If you’re interested in supporting this up and coming label, then make sure to purchase the album on Bandcamp.