Android Apartment Releases New Album

Business Casual is a fantastic label, synonymous with artists and musicians such as FIBRE and マクロスMACROSS 82-99. Ever since their debut in 2013 and the rebrand that followed nearly a year later, they’ve been pushing all sorts of boundaries with their unique approach to releasing and supporting music.

Just recently, 悲しい Android Apartment joined the ranks of this precious label, ensuring that a great release was planned to arrive as soon as possible. Funnily enough, the new album in its integrity, is one of Android Apartment’s strongest musical endeavours.

Tracks like I’m Falling For You and Got It Together, perfectly capitalise on the successes that the Italian producer has achieved. It’s amazing to think of all the progress he has made over the years.

The title track is a masterpiece in our opinion and it’s only right if we link it down below for you to enjoy. If you want to stream and download the rest of the album, though, you can catch it here. Make sure to chuck a few dollars towards the artists to support them!

悲しい Android Apartment