Listen Now: Mac Stanton – L’Odyssée Vol. 1

We’re back from our hiatus! It’s been quite some time, since we’ve sat down and produced an article for you all, but we’re glad that we’re back to posting some of the best tunes on the internet and beyond. Starting off our posts today, is Mac Stanton’s newest album, L’Odyssée Vol. 1 – giving off that distinctive ‘French Touch’ vibe, that we all know and love.

It’s been a while since Mac produced a full length release. He created so much material for the album, forcing him to split the album into two parts. Luckily, he’s just released the first part for us to captivate on.

Feeling rather funky, at the moment? Then Disco Galactic may be a great party-starter for you! It’s tracks like these that really grab our attention, we just absolutely devour the lustful basses and intricate instrumentation.

Synthwave enthusiasts might be able to enjoy the likes of Night Vision, incorporating that trademark Mac Stanton sound and then some. For general French House elements and stuff you can really dig your teeth into, you can definitely get behind tracks like Stradivarius and All Right.

You can listen to Mac’s newest album here and if you want to grab your copy, head on over to Bandcamp, where you can even get it on CD.

Mac Stanton



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