Tune Into Y&V’s “Veridis Quo” Remix

Trawling through our emails and promotional messages, can be a rewarding experience. Well, most of the time, anyway. Sometimes, you get sent music that just doesn’t even fit with the sites aesthetic at all.

This time, however, we was amazed at what we had seen – a successful attempt at a Veridis Quo remix? We had to listen straight away and surely enough, we didn’t doubt our choice at all.

It’s hard to put this remix into words, really. We’ll sum this up for you in three words: REALLY. DAMN. GOOD.

It takes a special amount of skill to pull off a Daft Punk remix. Many people have failed and crashed and burned at the first hurdle, producing some of their remixes and bootlegs, but Y&V have shown that Daft Punk remixes, can sometimes be made astonishingly well.

Familiar with the works of BASTION, J.A.C.K and Pride? Well, this is what you’re getting with this total and utter festival of a track.

You can stream Y&V’s latest remix here.