Matthias Zimmermann Releases New Edits

Our absolute weakness, has to be a riveting disco track or two. Luckily enough for us, Matthias Zimmermann has released three new disco edits for to get down and groove all night to.

We’ll highlight the strongest of the three edits first: Vicky. This track is absolutely phenomenal from start to finish, building on two great disco tracks from the likes of Vicky D and AGO.

Karyn brings back all sorts of vibes from musicians like Cassius and The Phantom’s Revenge‘s new alias, DJ DVD RIP, packing in some superb vocals and great atmospherics. It’s the perfect song for a simple wind-down from your daily life, in the evening.

Lastly, we have Patrick, which is an interesting minute and a half of R&B/soul splendour. We kinda wish this song was longer really? But hey, it does the job rather nicely.

Did we forget to mention, that all of these songs are free downloads? Whether you want to chuck them into a DJ setlist, or add them to your iTunes library, you can download and listen to every edit here.

Matthias Zimmermann