Stream Midnight To Monaco’s “Reign Fall”

Our favorite contemporary doo-wop duo, Midnight To Monaco, has returned with electro-pop single, Reign Fall, and it’s just perfect for the summertime. If you tuned into the group’s previous releases, One In A Million and Suicide, then you’ll surely love this.

With laid-back vibes and dream-beat rhythms, Midnight To Monaco hypnotizes listeners once again, delivering a medley of mellow-retro artifacts, psychedelic harmonies, and intoxicating melodies. Really, the perfection that stems from Ricky Ducati’s lyrics and Donnie Sloan’s vintage production is second to none.

In less than four minutes, the pair entice with what we amount to “hypnagogic pop,” taking  influences from the stylized sounds of 80s cult classics. Glo-fi, chillwave, and neo-pop fans, alike, won’t want to miss this.

Stream Reign Fall now, show your support for Midnight To Monaco, and download the new track here.




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