St. Beethoven Goes Disco in “Mi Amore”

Enjoy robotic vocals? How about smooth synths and rolling bass lines? If so, you’ll surely like St. Beethoven’s latest release, Mi Amore.

In the past, we’ve covered techno and electro singles from the New York City native, including IntergalacticQuellever 2, and Long Live The Party, but his most recent work takes quite a different approach in both sound and style.

With nu disco accents and summery flair, Mi Amore fluidly intermingles electric rhythms with computer-like artifacts, reminding us of Bag Raiders’s earlier sounds, such as Shooting StarsHeartbeat Away, and So Demanding. What’s really impressive is the vocal solo around the 2:30 mark – simply put, it’s remarkable.

Tune into St. Beethoven’s Mi Amore and download it here.