Listen: Uppermost – Retro Digital

Uppermost is a household name, amongst musicians that produce Electro and disco-oriented beats. Luckily for us all, he’s returned on Soundplate’s 28th release – bringing us his latest groove, Retro Digital.

The beginning of the track sparks up fresh memories of distinctive flavours and noteworthy directions that Uppermost attended to, before building up into a frenzy of relaxed and rhythmic tempos. Brace yourself for what happens next, though, as the French musician barrages into some beautiful guitar licks, before coasting into another break and bringing the whole composition together.

Enlightening – is one way to put this track. Not too long ago, he was tied down by the shackles of EDM, producing for other people and not for his heart and his integrity. Thankfully, since this small blip in the system, he’s returned stronger than ever. He’s producing wonderful music that both fans and music-lovers can enjoy.

You can listen to Uppermost’s latest spectacle here.




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