Aeroplane Goes Old-School With “Love On Hold”

Love On HoldĀ is a masterpiece. It doesn’t surprise us, though. Aeroplane is probably used to knocking out some of the most funkiest beats, by now.

Producing a sweet collaboration, alongside the American soul and R&B singer, Tawatha Agee – Aeroplane manages to maintain the nostalgia and prowess behind his usual discography, as well as diverting the audience’s attention to the ‘golden years’ of funk and disco.

It doesn’t stop there. The intro to the track, is a great homage to 80’s movie moments. You can hear the pitter-patter of rain on the motel ceiling, the linger of cigarette smoke in the air. Your lover has just left you a message on the answering machine, do you answer? Or not?

It’s creativity like this, that keeps the ball rolling in the music community. Bravo, Aeroplane. Bravo.

You can listen to Aeroplane’s latest song here.




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