Listen: Blende – Back To Summertime

Last month, we saw London-based DJ/producer, Blende, return to the limelight with a high-profile remix of Goose’s Call Me. Today, we see the Swedish artist dazzle us once again, but this time, with original work of his own.

Suitably titled Back To Summertime, the nu disco hit is Blende’s latest creation and it’s chock-full of the upbeat disco accents, smooth melodies, and dance-driven vibes we’ve grown to love. Really, this one stands out on its own, pairing the Swede’s iconic sounds with some of the most polished lyrics in the game.

What’s really interesting is the man behind the epic vocal track – it’s none other than The Rapture’s own former band mate, Mattie Safer. That’s right! The bassist-turned-vocalist, or multi-talented musician for that matter, teamed up with Blende to deliver this summer disco anthem.

Fans of Oliver, Satin Jackets, and Lenno will undoubtedly enjoy this one. See what Blende had to say about his new single:

“The song came about from one of those demos you sometimes sit with that never seem to lead to anything,” says Blende. “I was about ready to give up on it when Mattie recorded this brilliant vocal that probably would make even George Benson envious, and after that it was a smooth ride.”

He continues, saying “I must admit I wasn’t paying too much attention to the lyrics at first and even though the title is hinting at the opposite it’s really quite a sad song. But, I like that aspect; you book a resort holiday and then it rains for two weeks. None of that bouncy banana boat nonsense, it’s more real like this.”

Stream Blende’s Back To Summertime now and be sure to grab a copy of the track on April 28 via Eskimo Recordings.