An Interview With: Ricco Harver


We’ve finally managed to speak to one of electro’s most ambiguous and intricate producers! Ricco Harver is a musician known for his characteristic flair and integrity, when building stylish electronic music. As well as this, he has delved into several other genres of music, whether that may be dubstep or even trap.

Ricco is also notable for his superb remixes and reworkings. You should definitely check out what he has to offer.


FS: Hey everyone! Today we’ve got French Electro’s prodigal son, Ricco Harver, here to speak with us.

We’ll start off with something interesting, shall we? We was a big fan of your remix for Justice’s Randy, how did this project come about?

RH: Hey! Honored to hear that, thank you! The idea for that Randy thing came right after Justice dropped the single. They had just premiered it on Annie Mac and I remember talking about it with a couple of friends that night. We had some banter about whether or not the fans would chastise it for not living up to Cross or something. I made it as kind of brief inside joke but I really liked where it was going so I decided to expand on it.

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FS: What did you think of Justice’s latest album exactly? Was it as great as you hoped?

RH: In a lot of ways, yes! The singles from this album are just pure bliss to listen to. Overall, the album was a little hit and miss, but there was never a moment on the album that didn’t feel at least somewhat pleasant and enticing to the ears. It felt like a mellower, more ethereal companion piece to Audio Video Disco. It was like hearing some long-lost space disco record.

FS: Moving on, you released your latest single titled Shogun with OMNI. Although we don’t cover dubstep, we definitely dig the vibes that you both give off! Is there a certain genre of music that is easier to create than any other? Or vice versa?

RH: Thank you! Getting the chance to collaborate with OMNI on that song was really cool. Well, I have the tendency of jumping genres quite a bit so I can’t really say.

FS: Fair play man! Do you have a favourite genre of music that you like to create?

RH: I grew up on quite a lot of house and trance so I can definitely say that I really love getting into the various subgenres of house time and time again. Lately I’ve also really gotten into making wonky future bass/trap type stuff. It’s nice to switch things up every once in a while. Thinking of making some synthwave.

FS: YES! We would love to hear you create some synthwave. You could say that the genre has been booming in popularity since the past few years.

What is one of the greatest remixes you’ve ever made, in your opinion?

RH: I’m really proud of the sound design on the remix I did of AlunaGeorge’s I’m In Control. A lot of people also really seemed to like my remix of Desire by Years And Years.

FS: Lastly, can you give us three tracks that you’ve found this year, that are worth mentioning to us all?


Maxo did this superb rendition of Herbie Hancock’s Dolphin Dance in 7/4 using the soundfont from Kirby’s Dreamland 3. An absolute chord wizard. That pun in the title is adorable.

Babygirl by Charli XCX, featuring Uffie. Her lush vocals and all the little ornamentations of keyboard and guitar in the background give this song a sparkly summer-type vibe. Kinda reminds me of Vanity 6.

Big For Your Boots by Stormzy. I really do wonder if he’ll learn how to play the guitar. I wanna see that.

FS: Some interesting selections there, Ricco! We’re especially digging the Charli XCX track, because of Uffie’s inclusion on the track.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us man! You can check out all his socials, as well as his latest tracks below:

Ricco Harver



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