Beat Market Hits High Note in “Atlantis”

When Canadian duo, Beat Market, last featured on The French Shuffle, they brought along with them a brilliant single – Sun Machine. The newfangled track quickly caught our attention, tempting us with striking synth leads and velvety melodies alike.

Fast forward nearly two years to date – let’s take a look at another great release from the Montreal-based act.

Titled Atlantis, the downtempo, electro-pop meets chillwave tune sees the group join forces with fellow compatriot and vocal wizard, APigeon. In roughly four minutes, the trio manages to build a thrilling story with their delicate sounds and invigorating lyrics.

Our reaction? We were nothing but amazed. In today’s electronic music scene, it’s rare to hear so much emotion and thought driving the direction of the music. That’s what sets Beat Market and APigeon apart from the rest. What a thoughtful, well-crafted work of art.

See what Beat Market had to say about the release below:

“The lyrics for this song are the mirror of our perceptions, but also the utopic land and ideal state,” says Beat Market. “State of mind and mindfulness – nothingness & illusions – we wrote these words and jumped in the ideology that anything is possible at once and at the same time.”

Quite a profound statement from the musical talents. Nonetheless, if you enjoyed Axel Le Baron’s Drive remix, Codework’s Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime redux, or DatA’s Mélodie, then this will be right up your alley.

Stream Atlantis now and purchase a copy here. Out now via Lisbon Lux Records.

Beat Market