An Interview With: Machinedrum


Machinedrum is an absolute veteran in the electronic music scene, racking up over 10 years of experience. He has managed to blend elements of footwork and ambient-styled pieces together, to form a swift amalgamation – not to be messed with.

In this interview, we chat with him about his new releases, alongside what he’s been listening to recently.


FS: Hey all! Today we’ve managed to grab a quick chat with one of Ninja Tune’s most notable artists, Machinedrum.

Starting off this interview, we’d like to talk about your recent tour. How has it been so far and is there a date that you was specifically looking forward to?

MD: Actually I’ve just wrapped up the tour in Europe. Overall the whole tour was incredible, with some standouts being Bangface in Southport UK, Catch Festival in Utrecht and Club Gretchen in Berlin.

FS: You also have a new single coming out, titled U Betta. What can people expect from this exactly?

MD: I have a hard time describing my music, but this one for me is kind of a throwback to the kind of music I was making around 10 years ago, but brought into the present. It’s a neon bass club banger with sentimental moments I guess.

FS: Keeping on the topic of new releases, you’ve also just released a remix for Noisia. How did this opportunity come around?

MD: I’ve been speaking with Thijs from Noisia over the past year or so and we’ve been exchanging music. He asked me if I wanted to do a remix and I said yes!

FS: Who have you been listening to recently, while touring and on down time between gigs?

MD: While on tour I’ve mainly been listening to non music podcasts like Joe Rogan, NPR Politics, Bill Maher and TED Talks. Music-wise I’ve really been enjoying the new Astrophonica Gradients compilation, Visible Cloaks’ Reassemblage, Jonwayne’s Rap Album Two and Future’s HNDRXX.

FS: That’s a good variety of content you’ve been listening to! Lastly, what was one of  your favorite albums from 2016, and why?

MD: I didn’t really like many albums from last year, but my favorite recent album is definitely Thundercat’s “Drunk” album. It’s probably the best thing he’s ever done. Mind blowing musicianship matched with a hilarious sense of humor.

FS: We have to agree with you there. Thundercat’s latest album has been on repeat constantly, ever since he’s released it. 

Thank you for your time, Machinedrum! You can check out his latest single below and you can purchase it here.