Dealers De Funk Release “What Da Funk” EP

“What Da Funk?” I hear you all cry, as So French lay down another one of their splendid odes to the French Touch industry. Yes! It’s Superfunk to release a new EP on the esteemed So French Records, with his latest project, Dealers De Funk.

If you’re familiar with Superfunk’s earlier works, then you’ll be right at home with this new release – blending the fabric of space and time with some funked out beats.

Communication, opens the EP, filling us with elation and excitement. A great way to describe this track would be an eighties throwback. Synthwave, you could possibly say?

The highlight of the entire release, though, comes down to Discotech, which enlightens us with those nostalgic French House-based sounds, godly bass lines, and disco licks. It’s a monumental piece of music to have on the So French label.

The last two tracks are also pretty neat, with She Wants The DJ (we see what they did there) providing a bouncy and generous addition to the EP, along with the title track’s grittiness and long entitled exposure.

Stream all of the tracks from the EP and show your support for Dealers De Funk.

Dealers De Funk


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