An Interview With: That’s Nice


That’s Nice is the Mexican-based Nu Disco musician, known for his tasteful and blossoming endeavors into funk and dance music. You may recognize him, from some of his Miami Horror remixes, such as Love Like Mine and Colours In The Sky.

In this interview, we’re going to chat with him about his collaborations with French Horn Rebellion and La Felix, alongside a few other things.


FS: Hey, That’s Nice! Not too long ago, we interviewed French Horn Rebellion about their music and what they’ve been up to. What was it like working with them on Magic?

TN: It was great! I actually met Robert because we were playing the same festival in Monterrey, Mexico – which is where I live and where I have my home studio. He stayed at my place and started working on music together. That’s where the whole collaboration started.

Then a bit later we ran into each other in Los Angeles and a friend from ICON Collective music school let us use one of the studios there. Then Magic happened. It was just a matter of getting the right singer for it. Robert got in touch with Estefani Brolo from the band, Patterns (which I’ve been a huge fan of their sound), so it was just perfect!

FS: We gotta hand it to you – Magic really is something else. Speaking of new songs, though, you’ve just released a collaboration with La Felix. Can you explain the creative process behind your new track?

TN: With La Felix, it was a bit different. We haven’t actually met in person. I started following him after hearing one of his remixes (DCUP – Someone Told Me). I knew we could come up with something together so I reached out to him. Delicious was the end result of sending millions of email ideas lol, until we hit the right one. We both love Daft Punk and we thought this definitely has that sorta vibe.

As for the singer on Delicious – He wanted to remain unnamed for different reasons, but he is a good friend. He has his own music projects going on. I guess if you dig a little deeper you could find out who he is.

FS: Interesting… We’re all going to have to find out who the vocalist is very soon, we hope! Are you playing any festivals/concerts in the summer, at all?

TN: No upcoming shows at the moment. I’d love to play some and show the new music.

FS: If you could collaborate with one record label on a release, who would you pick and why?

TN: I don’t really know much about labels. But Kitsune, is one label that I like. All acts under that label are great!

FS: We couldn’t agree with you more! Lastly, do you prefer the summer or the winter seasons?

TN: Summer, definitely summer. But waiting for winter on Game of Thrones!

FS: Well there you have it folks! You can check out That’s Nice’s social haunts below, along with his newest collaboration with La Felix, Delicious. Don’t forget to show your support!

That’s Nice