Gorillaz & D.R.A.M. Team Up in “Andromeda”

It feels like it has been about 4000 years since we’ve heard any new music from Gorillaz. Out of a flash, they’ve returned with a new album and even a festival date¬†that they’ll be playing very soon, in the depths of Margate in Kent, England.

Speaking of new music though, Damon Albarn & co. have revolutionized the way we feel and absorb their music. They’ve just so happened to release four new tracks as well, but we’re sticking to their collaboration with D.R.A.M. for this review.

Perhaps you’re looking for some old-school Gorillaz to kick your nostalgia up a notch? Luckily, Andromeda delivers in¬†every scenario.

Teaming up alongside D.R.A.M. (which stands for “Does Real Ass Music”), both acts drop in, providing some sombre notes for an already pristine track – it’s too much for us to handle unintentionally.

You can stream the track here, along with the other three releases. Enjoy:







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