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Glen Han aka Glenjamn, has been the man behind the camera, filming some of music’s greatest moments. In this article, we’re going to touch on some of the most memorable happenings, that Glen has managed to capture, also including some videos that you wouldn’t expect us to include – but you’ll see.

Where do we start then?

The Greatest B2B2B Ever

Holy Ship!!! is essentially a cruise ship that departs from Orlando in Florida and takes a round trip all the way to the sunny sites and sounds of the Bahamas, before shortly returning to Port Canaveral. The only difference with this cruise ship, however, is that it’s entirely oriented around live music performances.

On the 2013 iteration of the ship, the guests managed to encounter a one-off B2B2B set with Justice, Boys Noize and Gesaffelstein himself. Heck, even Gesaffelstein smiles in this video – does it get any better than that?



Kanye In The Desert

Kanye West has been a controversial figure in the music industry, but you have to admit that he’s also been an influential figure as well.

Bromance Records happened to be rolling through California around the time of Coachella in 2015 and they put on a special show for everyone to enjoy. Ryan Hemsworth, Brodinski, Virgil Abloh and even Skrillex attended, but nothing matched the super secret appearance from Mr. West himself.

It’s pretty surreal watching this back, really. The only thing I can even compare it to, is Denzel Curry dropping Ultimate at one of his concerts. That went haaaaaard.



FlyLo In LA

Never Catch Me is one of Flying Lotus’ best tracks off his latest album. Kendrick Lamar just does the song justice you know?

In this clip, Glen captures Flying Lotus performing the track, alongside the kids from the music video that Hiro Murai created. It’s astonishing to watch and the crowd adores every second of it.



Pee Wee Destructo

At Hard Day Of The Dead in 2011, Destructo dropped a mind-boggling set including some monstrous bangers.

A certain remix of DJ Antention’s Rapid Fire dropped and all hell broke loose. It’s safe to say that the rest is history, really. Also Destructo was dressed as Pee Wee Herman – isn’t he a cutie?



Random Skrillex Afterparty?

As well as recording concerts and gigs, Glen has also captured video of other social events.

Skrillex is known to throw afterparties, after Coachella every year and in 2015, we see Glen in action, getting footage of what’s going down at the afterparty itself. We see a number of recognisable faces too, including the likes of Brodinski, Mija and more. We hope we’ll get invited someday…



T Bang In The Flesh

We was purposely saving the best until last.

It’s 2009 and it’s Dim Mak Tuesday’s at Cinespace in LA. Surprisingly, it’s also Busy P’s birthday and the Ed Banger crew and a few special guests threw an amazing party to celebrate.

Mid-way through the set, while Genesis by Justice drops, a mysterious figure appears from behind the DJ booth, to take center stage. Thomas Bangalter has never really shown his face in public before, but for a special occasion, the god of house music himself had dropped by and laid down a sweet set for everyone to savour. Forever.

If we had a time machine, we would most likely go back to this moment. Who would pass up the chance to see Thomas Bangalter, DJ Mehdi, A-Trak and whole load of other legends in one spot at the same time?


So it’s been quite a journey for Glen. We’re hoping that he’ll continue to dazzle us with his prestiged footage and striking photography.

P.S: Glen if you’re reading this: Hit us up with an interview sometime, will ya? 😉


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