DJ DVD RIP Releases Fiery New Mixtape

Looking for a new selection of music to add to your collection? Well, DJ DVD RIP has a treat for you.

If you didn’t know by now, DJ DVD RIP is actually The Phantom’s Revenge other alias. Scary, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the talented sampler and gifted musician has delivered with an absolutely titanic mixtape, weighing in at about 3 hours long. Though it’s so much to listen to, we love his music way too much to not give it a miss.

In the lengthy tape, you’ll not only hear the sweet sounds of The Phantom’s Revenge, but also a cool take on Frank Ocean’s tearjerker – Solo. And, of course, there are plenty of other hits included, but we’re still waiting on a definitive tracklist though, so sit tight until then.

See if you can spot any more hidden gems and golden oldies in the mixtape, then let us know what you think.