Moksi & Fountain Of Youth in “Hold Me Down”

The first things that come to mind when mentioning The Barong Family, are hard-hitting EDM anthems. Luckily for us though, Moksi and Fountain Of Youth have produced a track worth giving a big mention.

Hold Me Down¬†interprets a euphoric downbeat tune, similar to the likes of Getter’s track,¬†Something New and anything remotely indie dance nowadays.

It’s shocking to hear such a composition from Moksi – usually as they produce some of the most bold and brash tracks in the EDM industry. We’re liking this style of music from both of them, nevertheless.

If DJ’s screaming into the microphone before the drop and songs produced entirely in about half an hour are your thing, then why not check out the entire Barong Family compilation album?

You can stream Moksi and Fountain Of Youth’s track here.




Fountain Of Youth



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