Elderbrook’s “First Time” Gets a Host of Remixes

London-native, Elderbrook, is an influential electronic musician, stacking himself against the odds with his picturesque and avant-garde styled approaches to music. His latest track, titledĀ First Time, is mish-mash of everything that the musician is known for.

Expanding from the latter, three artists have put their spin on this already delectable tune.

First, you have Riva Starr and his rendition of First Time. If you’re a fan of tech house and getting down in the club at 3am to some absolute tunes, then this is the track you need to listen to.

Next up, MANT elaborates with a similar take on the track to Riva Starr, but with more passion and fiery integrity.

With an ambitious spinĀ on the original, DJ duo, WiDE AWAKE, take the song to new heights, soaring amongst the competition with their gobsmacking remix.

All three remixes are available to listen to, on streaming platforms now.

If you’re in town on the 30th of March, why not come down to XOYO in London and see Elderbrook live for yourself? Tickets can be found here.




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