BASTION Treat Us to Their Latest Single, “Feelings”

How do you feel about a new single from BASTION? Well we know the answer and it’s quite simple. We’re absolutely ecstatic!

After pulling us into their tight grasp, with Opale, the French electronic duo have done some masterful work and have enlisted the help of vocalist, Sam Lyons, to create a well-rounded pop/electro track.

It goes without saying, that BASTION really do have the talent and ambition to knock out some extraordinary music. Take their collaboration with Katelyn Tarver, for a great example. It’s amazing!

You will almost certainly be blown away by the beginning bass riff, like we did. That really sets the scene and ambience for the rest of the track to come.

If you’re in Paris and have a night free to do whatever you like, then why not see BASTION live in concert? They’ve even got The Supermen Lovers playing a set there too!

You can stream BASTION’s latest single here.