Premiere: Skogsrå – Rumours

Courtesy of Perfect Havoc, we are proud to premiere Skogsrå’s latest venture, Rumours.

Well, if you’re a fan of smooth and delightful indie dance music, then you’re in luck my friends. Swedish musician and contemporary artist, Skogsrå has landed with an absolutely unstoppable original track, blowing anything else that he has made completely out of the water.

Skogsrå himself has said about the track: “This past year was seismic for me. Every aspect of my life changed when the people I loved turned away from me. Fumbling in the dark I was arguing innocence of crimes I never recall committing. Hoping for someone to save me from her casted shadow. But this song is not about retribution, however. It’s about finding yourself in losing everything. It’s about broken hearts and ignored Facebook messages. This song is about Rumours.”

The track itself, begins with a piano-based intro, before blasting into it’s unique and tantalizing vocal riffs, serenading you in the most pleasurable way. Simply put – it’s pretty darn good.

You can stream Rumours here.