SebastiAn’s “Water Games” Gets a Sparkling New Edit

Sometimes when wandering Reddit late at night, you can find some great surprises. Whilst browsing r/edbangerrecords, we managed to find a wacky and wonderful edit of SebastiAn’s Water Games. It’s safe to say that we instantaneously fell in love with both the visuals and the intricate detail behind the extended cut, of the already magnificent prelude.

The artist that created this remix, is Copenhagen-based producer, Poetically. Sticking to his name courteously, the Danish producer also has some ‘cool-as-hell’ ambient tracks under his experimental moniker, which you can find here.

You can stream the track here on YouTube, full with visual effects and 80s nostalgia alike. If you’re looking for a place to put the song into a playlist, you can stream the Soundcloud link below.




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