Ruby Empress Returns with “Escapism Deluxe”

Tame Impala fans, get excited because we have a surprise for you. Swedish indie-electronic band, Ruby Empress, is back in action as of recent, delivering majestic single, Escapism Deluxe, and it certainly has that neo-psychedelic flavor that made the Australian act ever-so famous.

Out via Parisian label, Yunizon, the newfangled release blends frontman Tom Serner’s light vocals with radiant synths and melodies, enticing listeners with a mash of dreamlike noise.

Though the track runs more than four minutes, it quickly captures all attention, with enough guitar licks and percussion to hypnotize for days. This is what real music sounds like. Thank you, Ruby Empress – our faith in music has been restored.

Show your support for the Swedish act, stream Escapism Deluxe, and grab your copy here.




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