Calvin Harris: The Golden Era

Whether you love or hate Calvin Harris’ latest musical endeavours, his old material will always hold a place in our hearts, as some of the greatest music created in that era. In this article, we’re going to touch over some of Calvin’s most notable tunes, circa 2010.

Merrymaking At My Place

Merrymaking At My Place reminds me of a house party, full of boozed-up individuals and that lingering ‘stink’ of vodka and drowning dreams. Nevertheless, one of Calvin’s first outings was something extraordinary, to say the least.

This track was so good in fact, that it even got a remix from Mr. Oizo himself.

Acceptable In The 80’s

“It was acceptable at the time” and rightly so. Although, technically, you could still pass with a song like that, in this day and age. Acceptable In The 80’s showed us that you could as weird as you like, as well as unforgiving towards the fact that the 1980s were an age to remember and cherish for years to go by.

Out of all of the tracks I’m going to show you today, this was probably one of his best, in my opinion.


Ready For The Weekend

The first thing that strikes me about this track, is the riveting, yet passionate bassline behind the organised piano-structure that plays behind the entire song. It’s simple, yet effective.

Better yet, the music video portrays some very impressive camera-work, from the beginning of the video at Southbank in London, all the way to 12 inch record spinning on the record player. If only we could get this Calvin Harris back some day…


The Girls

The Girls is probably one of the most thought-provoking pieces that Calvin has ever produced. Throughout the entirety of the song, Calvin describes that he likes all sorts of girls, no matter where they’re from and what size and shape they are.

At first glance, this may seem like a fun word-play and attempt at catchy lyricism, but in fact, it’s Calvin telling us that we shouldn’t demean any woman for what they’re like. I respect Calvin for that.

Also, this song is funky as hell. Just saying.


I’m Not Alone

I’m Not Alone was a halfway transition, between his music nowadays and an electro rhythm to die for. A memory that stands out for me, is the absolutely superb deadmau5 remix, that racked up a bigger appeal than the original track.

Calvin Harris


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