Saint Motel @ Scala 2017

Who exactly are Saint Motel?

Saint Motel are a band, originating from the wonderfully picturesque land of Los Angeles, bringing with them a solitude of brisk and upbeat rock/electropop music.

It was the 9th of February and I had managed to land myself a spot on the guestlist. I had never seen a band play live prior to this event surprisingly, only DJ sets from the likes of Porter Robinson & Madeon and Galantis, with the earlier mention being one of the greatest things I had ever seen.

The venue was Scala, a former cinema with beautiful architecture, just located outside Kings Cross St. Pancras station. Honestly being gobsmacked by the sheer beauty of the building was a great experience in itself and a must visit if you find yourself in the area at anytime soon.

OK so what actually happened then?

After accidentally missing the support act, due to leaving rather late for the venue, (I’m pretty sure that they were great, shouts out to The Suns) we hustled ourselves inside, eagerly anticipating for Saint Motel to walk onstage.

Thankfully, after being squashed between a few middle-aged men and what appeared to be a school reunion party, Saint Motel blasted onto the stage with their track, Cold Cold Man. Needless to say, they had an amazing entrance and managed to keep the momentum with the crowd going for an extremely long period of time. Who knew that such a small and tight venue as Scala, could boast a massive party like this one?

All was well, until they decided to take off mid-set and leave the audience hanging – But little did anyone know, that Saint Motel were coming back with a bang.

Dazed and confused, frontman A/J Jackson, retreated to the balcony above our heads, hyping the crowd up forever more, for what would be one of their final songs.

Once you heard the saxophone riff from the monumentously famous track, there was no going back. My Type was a guaranteed banger. Thinking about it, I may have got rather too jolly and accidentally pushed a 50 year old woman over in the heat of the moment. Nevertheless, the crowd was electric and Saint Motel pushed on, delivering an ecstatic set.

In the end, my legs were absolutely destroyed from the amount of standing up I had to do, but the effort was in fact worth it.

If Saint Motel are in town to play a gig anywhere, then don’t hesitate to see them! They’re absolutely fantastic.

Saint Motel



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